Funny Dog Names

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Funny Dog Names

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Funny Dog Names

Funny dog names

In a world that’s chock-full of Bellas and Maxes, you want a funny dog name that will stand out from the rest. One that will bring a smile to everyone’s face when they meet your dog for the first time. Well look no further, because we’ve made the best list of funny dog names around.

Funniest Dog Names

These names are comedy gold, and we dare you not to laugh when you go to introduce your pup.

Sir Barks A Lot

He’s a knight in his own mind – bravely defending your castle from the leaf that just fell off the tree.

Doggie McDogface

In 2016 the NERC hosted an internet poll to name their new research vessel (which was their first mistake), and while Boaty McBoatface went on to be the name of a submarine on the boat instead there’s no reason you can’t pay homage to this internet phenomenon with your pooch.

Chow Mein

The best name for a Chow. We’d start a petition to rename all Chows this, but then it wouldn’t be as special.


For the dog that’s all about that bass, the one that bounces up to any occasion like he’s sitting on a couple of 18-inchers.


Eat your heart out Ridley Scott – but while the Facehugger sounds more cuddly than it actually is, your little Facelicker is the real slobbery deal.

Mooch the Pooch

For the dog that materializes whenever he hears the fridge door or a bag of chips open.

Mr. Barkington

He’s classy. He’s refined. He’ll let that squirrel outside know who’s boss.


You already have a built-in command when your little Hushpuppy starts going off on your company and we can just picture their faces now.


We’ve all seen the dog dragging its butt along the carpet, and now you can name him to match.

Zippidy Do Dog

My oh my what a wonderful day to name your pooch.

Mr. Wiggles

Your dog may not be able to pop and lock it like the real Mr. Wiggles, but we’ve seen what he does with his booty when he’s excited.


For the dog who is as fetching as they are athletic, and for the owner who enjoys tormenting the other dogs at the park. We won’t stop trying to make Fetch happen.


Your labradoodle will thank you for this delectably funny name.


Pronounced di-o-gi, you’re sure to get a laugh every time a vet tech asks you to spell it.

Celebrity and Athlete Mashups

Why not name your dog after your favorite athlete or celebrity with a twist that will leave others howling in delight.

Katy Hairy

Currently a judge for American Idol, Katy Perry is known as the first female artist in the US to have five #1 songs on a single album.

Bob Barker

His name doesn’t need any changing to be a funny name for your pooch. This beloved game show host is also known for ending every episode of The Price is Right with the quote “And remember folks, always spay or neuter your pets”.

Carrie Underwoof

She’s one of the best-selling female country artists of all time and was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 2008.

Brad Pitty

You’ve seen him in movies like Fight Club and World War Z, and Brad Pitt is both an award-winning actor and producer.

Notorious D.O.G.

Notorious B.I.G. is a stage name of Christopher George Latore Wallace, and he is considered one of the greatest rap artists of all time.

Doggie Smalls

Notorious B.I.G. wasn’t Wallace’s only stage name – he was also known as Biggie Smalls.

Drew Hairy

This comedian turned show host took over the reins from Bob Barker on The Price is Right after years of hosting the hilarious Whose Line is it Anyway?.

Rush Limbark

The Rush Limbaugh Show has been on the air since 1988, and the show’s conservative and often controversial host is its namesake.

Great Dane Cook

A well-known comedian, you can laugh it up with your friends after you introduce your Great Dane pup.

Kanye Westie

He married Kim Kardashian, stole the show from Taylor Swift, and has had eighteen top 10 songs and four #1 singles in his musical career so far.

Blake Shetland

He may be a red- red- redneck but you can find this boy ‘round here coaching on The Voice.

Yappy Boy

Founded by hip hop artist T-Pain, Nappy Boy Entertainment is a record label that is distributed by RCA Records.

Elvis Pugsley

He’s the King of Rock and Roll, just like your pug is the king of noisy breathing and scrap begging.

Howly Mandel

If your dog hates getting his paws dirty, you’re in luck. This germaphobic TV personality became a household name after hosting Deal or No Deal.


Another name that needs no modification, Pitbull is a hip hop artist known for his lively party songs like Fireball and Don’t Stop the Party.


Rihanna is originally from Bridgetown, Barbados, though her music has become an international phenomenon with 14 #1 singles.

Tiger Woofs

For the dog whose athletic ability is unquestioned, unlike his loyalty.

David Barkham

The corner kick king, David Beckham terrorized goalies internationally as a member of the Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, and Paris Saint-Germain clubs. Not to mention the English National Team.

Roger Fur-Derer

He’s arguably the greatest tennis player of all time with a record 31 Grand Slam singles appearances and a record 20 singles titles.

Dobie Bryant

The late star of the LA Lakers whose death shocked the world, your Doberman should be honored to bear his name.

Steph Furry

Stephen Curry is a six-time NBA All-Star that is currently playing for the Golden State Warriors.

Droolio Bones

Matt Ryan’s go-to wideout, Julio Jones is one of the top receivers in the NFL.

Scary Terrier

NFC East teams especially can expect to hear a lot more about Scary Terry AKA Terry McLaurin, the second-year up-and-coming wide receiver from Washington, in the coming years.

Odell Barkham Jr.

OBJ would be a great namesake for the dog that can make all of the impossible catches.

Bichon Watson

Deshaun Watson is the former Clemson champion quarterback who now plays for the Houston Texans.

Arian Foster-Fail

There’s no shame in being a foster fail, and what better name to celebrate the dog you swore you weren’t keeping? We think Arian Foster would agree.

Jack Russel Wilson

Jack Russels are high-energy, super fast, and fun to watch – just like Russel Wilson from the Seahawks.

Cole Fleasley

Cole Beasley is a wide receiver who is currently playing for the Buffalo Bills after a long stretch with the Dallas Cowboys.

Saquon Barkley

This name is perfect just the way it is, and would be a great match for the dog that loves to run.

Matt Staffordshire

Matt Stafford is the long-time quarterback of the Detroit Lions, and love him or hate him his name is too good not to use for your American Staffordshire.

JuJu Smith-Schnauzer

He’s one of the younger wideouts for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and JuJu Smith-Schuster still has the best of his career ahead of him.

Stefon Diggsalot

This former Viking will be playing with the Bills for the 2020 season, and Stefon Diggs has already shown in his short career that he can be a powerhouse receiver.

Eli Panting

Eli Manning took the New York Giants to two Super Bowl victories in 2008 and 2012, though in recent years this old-timer has definitely seemed to be panting a bit more than he used to.

DeVante Barker

He’s a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, and DeVante Parker is another young player in the NFL with a lot of potential.

Ben Roethlisdigger

“Big Ben” has been taking snaps for the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2004 and is currently the 6th rated QB for all-time passing yards.

Courtland Shetland

Another up-and-comer from the Denver Broncos, Courtland Sutton was a 2020 ProBowl wide receiver.

London Fetcher

Now retired, London Fletcher is one of the best linebackers that ever played for Washington and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Chris Drooley

Another old-time Redskin, Chris Cooley was a powerhouse tight end and a two-time ProBowler.

Small Names for Big Dogs

Small names for big dogs.

Whether you have a Great Dane or a Mastiff, a Newfoundland or a St. Bernard, it’ll be well-worth the laughs you’ll get when you introduce your giant.


Your dog may be many things, but she definitely isn’t tiny.

Pee Wee

He’s an eccentric man with the disposition of a child, and his would be a hilarious name for the dog that looks big and bad but just wants to play.


She’s cute, she’s feisty, and she’s about 100x bigger than the actual Tinkerbell.


“Aww what a handsome big boy! What’s his name?” You get the pleasure of telling them it’s Shrimp.


For the adorable, dainty giant that is anything but fun-sized.


While your dog isn’t the size of a peanut by any means, it would be an even funnier name if he happens to be a little nutty.


While you might envision this name for a weenie pit (look them up, they’re adorable), we think this would be a hilarious name for your Great Dane or Doberman.


You don’t have to use this specific name, you can also go with itsy, teensy, weensie, or whichever similar one you like!


She’s not itsy, bitsy, or a spider, but it’s a cute and ironic name for your gentle giant.


Even as a young puppy your dog was probably bigger than some breeds will ever get.


You certainly don’t need a microscope to see your dog.


Let’s face it – a lot of giant breeds drool. With this name you can commemorate that slobber you love and hate while still making your friends giggle.


Toto was small enough to fit in a basket. Your dog would destroy said basket.


The best part of this name isn’t the irony, it’s being able to say “You’re killin me Smalls!” When he pees in the house or eats up another pair of shoes.


Your dog may be as cute as a Munchkin and maybe even musically inclined, but he sure doesn’t look like one.

Small Fry

Just picture it – you’re making Small Fry’s first vet appointment and you get to see the tech’s face when she realizes your dog is anything but.


Harry Potter may have done it first, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in the fun!


No one will believe your 120 pound Newfie was the runt of the litter, but you can make them question it for a moment.

Big Names for Small Dogs

Big names for small dogs.

We couldn’t leave them out of the fun too – here are the names that fit your dog’s personality even if they don’t quite fit their size.


Most people would imagine a ferocious shepherd or pitty when they hear a name like Killer. And then they would meet your Pomeranian.


Your dog may act like a big, scary monster, but his bark is a lot bigger than his bite.


He’s big, he’s strong, and he’ll keep the entire dog park in line…in his mind.


Your dog might not be the best fighter in the ring, but he thinks he’s just like the boxer of legend.


It simply means enormous, which is the one thing your dog isn’t.


The name of the rabid family-dog-turned-murderer St. Bernard, the only things your dog is big enough to terrorize are your ankles.


The massive, evil leader of the Decepticons, it would be a funny name for any small dog but especially fitting for the one that appears to shapeshift when changing positions. We’re looking at you, Min Pins.


Your dog may not be built like a tank, but that doesn’t mean you can’t delight your neighbors with his name.


We believe that your dog would fight the Nemean Lion and kill the Hydra…if he was just a little taller.


He’s got the spirit of a Mastiff in the body of a Chihuahua, and your little Giant’s personality can’t be overshadowed.


If your dog was actually a dinosaur they would be the furthest thing from a T-Rex.


The monstrous sea serpent of scripture, the Leviathan was the terror of the deep. We’re guessing your Yorkie doesn’t even like baths…


Your dog may be a little porker, but his belly is the only thing that’s jumbo on him!


The titans were the Greek gods before the Olympians, and while your dog probably thinks he’s a god his stature would suggest otherwise.


Your dog probably couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag, but with a name like Rambo it may make the other dogs think twice.


He’s the king of the monsters, the beast that can level entire cities and breathe fiery radiation. He’s also about 1,000 times the size of your dog.


If your Yorkie has a combover that would rival President Trump’s, why not use one of the president’s taglines.


He may have assassinated Caesar in real life, but we’re willing to bet the only Caesar your dog can kill is a salad.


Did you know some puppies can actually be born green? The color fades as the dogs age but what better name for your little green Chihuahua.

For the Love of Dachshunds

For the love of dachshunds.

Their long bodies and short legs set them up for more than just back problems – check out the funniest Dachshund names around.

Teenie Weenie

A hilarious name for the runt of the litter, the one that’s just an itsy bitsy teenie weenie!

Hot Dog

Most Dachshunds have been dressed up as a hot dog for Halloween, you may as well just make it official.


You know, since they look like someone took a perfectly normal dog and pulled the front and back legs until the body stretched out.


A funny name for the Dachshund that is more of a sausage than a hot dog.


Dachshund owners will tell you all about cleaning mud, dew, and everything else from the great outdoors off of their dogs’ bellies.


This name is cute for any other dog, and downright comical for your little sausage.

Long John

Bonus points if your dachshund has a taste for fried fish!


Think of it this way – you can either call him ‘Brat’ or ‘Braut’ depending on the situation. If he’s being a little bitey brat, you can address him accordingly.


Take advantage of the fact that very few dogs will actually resemble the vehicle they are named after – and yours is one of them.

Oscar Meyer

Another grocery store-inspired name for your wiener dog.


Toy Story fans may or may not have already figured out that Slinky was a Dachshund, but they will now after meeting your dog.

Beanie Weenie

We just couldn’t pass up this opportunity, and neither should you.


Because she’s a Chiquita Dachshund and she’s come to say – Dachshunds have to be named in a certain way. What? That’s not how that goes?


It’s a normal enough name, until they see the dog that bears it. Then it’s a hilarious name.


We don’t think Santana was referring to Dachshunds when they wrote their hit song, but they may as well have been.

Slim Jim

We’re not saying we’re going to go adopt two Dachshunds so we can have Long John and Slim Jim, but that’s exactly what we’re saying.


Eat your heart out Tim Burton, though we hope your dog isn’t actually a zombie.

Ironic Funny Dog Names

You’ll get more than a few laughs by naming your dog the things that no one would usually consider for a dog’s name.


Dogs love bones, and we love this perfectly ironic name.


Whether your dog looks like he’s had one too many or you just want to stir up the neighborhood dogs when you call his name, this one has the potential for hilarity.


Just picture the confusion on that poor kid’s face when they ask what your dog’s name is.


What dog doesn’t love bacon – even the fake bacon strip treats they sell at the store? With this name you can even call him Sir Francis if you want.


You’re barking up the right one with this ironic name.


We can just see the reactions now when you call your dog at the park, and we’re here for it.


Dug from Up would be so proud, and also very, very distracted.


This would be even better if you have Oscar Meyer in the same house, because we all know that Oscar Meyer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A.


You probably won’t get invited back to many playdates, but it just might be worth it to see the chaos your dog’s name creates.

Dogs with bunny ears


This name would be especially fitting for a retired racing greyhound whose only goal in life was to beat the other dogs to the rabbit.


Hydrant peeing on a hydrant? Gold. And not just the liquid kind.


For the beefy meathead that would love nothing more than to chow down on an Angus steak.

Pretty Boy Names

If your dog should be on the cover of a magazine he’s so photogenic then why not give him a name to match!


You already call him Handsome more than his actual name, so you may as well make it official.


If your dog is more popular with the ladies than you are, then this would be a funny dog name and fitting name to choose.


Handsome and with a taste for the finer things in life? Look no further for a name for your pretty boy pooch.


He’s got the looks, he’s got the muscles, now all he needs is the name.


The Greek God of beauty and desire, if your dog fancies himself a god and has the looks to match then you already have the perfect name.


Hubba hubba, you’ve got a lady killer on your hands.

Magic Mike

Step aside, Channing Tatum – there’s a new top dog in town.


He’s the original male supermodel, and he would make the perfect namesake for your handsome dog.


We’re not saying your dog should be a model, but they have to advertise those bandanas somehow.


For the manliest man that ever manned, and your dog that embodies that handsome spirit.

Inspired by Fiction

Some of the funniest dog names have already been written, and some have been given a little extra twist.

Fat Albert

Hey, hey, hey, it’s the perfect name for your dog.

Cavalier King Kong

There’s not much physically similar between your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and King Kong, which only makes it funnier.


Some dogs get the short end of the genetic stick when it comes to intelligence, but it doesn’t mean you love your dopey dog any less.


One of the greatest poems in English history and the titular character, you can name your dog after a legend.

Robin Hood

Is your dog always making off with your valuables? Does he seem to stay solidly in the gray area of morality?

Hairy Pawter

You’ll never be able to see this name the same again, and neither will everyone you introduce your dog to.

Sleeping Beauty

For the pretty princess of a dog that sleeps like a cat.


Let’s be honest – most dogs would steal Christmas if given the chance. They’d wreck the decorations, eat the roast beast (and anything else they could), and make off with all of the toys.


HRADWRGWAWDDRAAWGGGG. That translates to you should name your dog Chewbarka.


Bonus points if your dog likes to swim, and even bigger bonus points if he has the jaws to back it up.


The code name of Sirius Black from Harry Potter, this would be a great funny dog name for a black shepherd mix.


For the golden retriever who needs everything in their life to be just right.

Dog With No Name

Clint Eastwood would get a laugh out of this one, and so will everyone else your dog meets.

Edward Scissorhands

We get it – those claws can be sharp as all get out. If you are constantly finding new cuts and scratches after playing with your pooch, then this would be the perfect name.

Scarlett O’Hair-a

Your dog may be gone with the wind as soon as she sees a squirrel, but at least she’ll have the name to match.

The Dude

He may not be The Big Lebowski, but your dog is still one cool dude.

Forrest Pup

With this name you can yell “Run Forrest, Run”, just make sure you keep him away from the box of chocolates.

Porky Pig

Why do we imagine this being the name of an English Bulldog?

Baby Shark

Congratulations! This song is now stuck in your head and the heads of every person that meets your dog.

Ron Bolognese

You stay classy with this Ron Burgundy inspired name, and your dog can share in some of the legend himself.

Jar Jar Binks

This name would be hilarious for the silly cocker spaniel in your life, or any other dog with long, floppy ears.


This name gets even better if you also have Maverick in the house, but all the same we still think it’s pretty funny dog name.

Aussie Bunker

Archie Bunker is one of the best-loved characters from All in the Family with his gruff but genial personality, and an Aussie is probably one of the few dog breeds he would care to own.

Mr. Miyagi

Is your dog a karate master? Is he teaching your younger pets all of his moves? When it comes to naming your dog, “if come from inside you, always right one”.

Pugs Bunny

Eh, what’s up doc? This would be more than fitting for the mischievous pug in your house.


For the dog that is perpetually touching things he shouldn’t be and always seems to get lost.

Pickle Rick

Rick and Morty fans already know, if your dog could talk he’d introduce himself by saying “I’m Pickle Rick!”.

Betty Boops

If your dog is a cutie that loves giving nose boops, then this name would be more than a little amusing.


Is your dog a source of comedic relief in your life? Does he have a curly coat?

El Chupacabra

If you have a Chihuahua or a Mexican Rat Terrier that’s a legend in his own mind, then this name would strike fear and laughter into everyone he meets.


For the dog that is cooler than you will ever be, but you love him all the same.


Does your dog have layers like an onion? Is he not quite the easiest on the eyes but hides a heart of gold under his rough exterior? By any chance does he happen to be friends with a donkey?

Mr. Magoo

Give this name to your nearsighted dog, and you’ll be a celebrity at the dog park.

Vito Corgione

Pay your respects to your dog by honoring him with this name. He already thinks he’s the Don, after all.

Mixed Funny Dog Names

From foods to furniture, these are the hilarious names that speak for themselves.


For the dog that carries a little extra around the middle.


“My dog ate my homework” just became a much more plausible excuse if this is your pup’s name.

Scaredy Cat

Some dogs are fearsome protectors that will do anything to defend their family. Others are scared of their own shadow.

Big Mac

Your dog would eat nothing but these for the rest of his life if you let him.


For the puppy that wasn’t supposed to be, whether the mom got out and had a night on the town or their rascal of a dad snuck under the fence.


It’s no secret that dogs get excited, whether for their favorite treat, to go on a walk, or just when their owner gets home. Some, however, take it to the spastic level.

Pogo the pup


Remember pogo sticks? Pogo would be a hilarious name for the dog that can’t keep all four paws on the ground – looking at you JRTs.


“I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy.”

Daisy and Duke

They’re cute names on their own, but they’re a riot when you get them both under the same roof.


You’re the Alpha, but that doesn’t mean your right hand man – er, dog, can’t be your number 2.


If your dog is a perpetual escape artist then you can warn everyone he meets right off the bat and get a few laughs in too.


Your dog would definitely eat the whole darn turkey if you left him alone with it and you know it.


You can’t teach an old dog new tricks but your dog might be able to teach you how to dougie.

Tater Tot

Do you have a little golden pudgeball that would be perfect for this name? Your friends will eat it up.


Just picture it – every time you call your dog’s name he’s trained to come back with your favorite beer.


If your dog has a cult following and questionable morals, this name would be more than fitting.

Chunky Monkey

Chow down on this delectable name and delight your friends in the process. As a bonus once your dog loses a little weight you can just call him monkey!


Let’s face it, not all dogs are the perfect angels they may appear to be. This is a hilarious name for the devil in disguise.


Does your dog follow you to bed, to the bathroom, to the laundry room, to the kitchen, to…


When filming your dog is just one continuous blooper track, his name isn’t the only thing that will have you laughing.

Brown Noser

If your dog likes to sniff other dogs’ butts and kiss yours, you already know the perfect name.


Whether your dog is a couch potato or has the body condition score of one, this name is sure to get all the laughs.


For the pup that runs the neighborhood and always seems to be conspiring with the other dogs.


Some dogs are graceful, elegant creatures – executing leaps and maneuvers that work the slow-mo video and leave everyone in awe. And then there’s the klutz.


Your dog may wander off, but like a trusty boomerang he always comes right back home.


If your dog taps out Morse code with their tail or toenails, then everyone will know how they got their name when they hear them coming!


A true just for fun name, you can enjoy all of the reactions you get when you introduce your pup.


If your dog is fuzzy with the body condition score of an ottoman, then kick your feet up and take the night off – your name search is over.


When your dog is the one in the video that keeps missing the jump again…and again…and again…


If you have an Akita or Shiba Inu, then this name would be perfect.


If you watched the 2011 Super Bowl, you saw the hilarious commercial where the pug took out the sliding glass door and his owner just to get the dorito.

Big Bertha

Many people don’t know that this was originally the name of a German howitzer in WW2, but all they’ll be able to picture from here on out is your pooch.


This name gets bonus points for being fun to say on top of being comically quirky.


I’m a goofy goober, you’re a goofy goober, and your pup is definitely a goofy goober.


Some dogs are balls of energy with a serious case of the zoomies, and then there’s your dog who the fastest you’ve ever seen him move is a light trot.


For the stealer of socks, the pillager of underwear, and the thief of anything edible.


Just think, you can call him taquito when he’s a puppy too!


If you are what you eat, then many more dogs would currently have this name.

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