White Dog Names

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White Dog Names

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White dog names

So, you’ve just got a cute white pup and are looking for the perfect name? We’ve got you covered. With over 150 names you are sure to find the perfect name for your white dog. No matter if it’s a boy, girl, big, small, shy or rambunctious you’ll find the perfect white dog name right below.

White dog names

Some names are common and some I guarantee you’ve never heard a dog named before. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a standard white dog name or something incredibly unique, we’ve got plenty of white dog names to choose from.

Pop culture white dog names

For dogs that like to chill with you while you relax with a show, book, or movie.

Mr. Stay Puft – For big dogs with owners who are big fans of Ghostbusters. Along those same lines you could go with his nickname as well: Tubby Soft-Squeeze.

Walker – Now you can have your very own White Walker! Perfect for Game of Thrones fans. Also an all-around amazing name for any dog.

Ghost – With the earlier GoT reference, you know we couldn’t forget Ghost!

Bolt – From the children’s movie of the same name. Perfect for a speedy canine.

Zero – The ghostly dog from The Nightmare Before Christmas, a perfect name for a white dog who flies around the house.

Peg – The singing streetwise pup from The Lady and the Tramp.

Scraps – From the Chaplin comedy short A Dog’s Life. Perfect if your pup has a spot on one side of his face.

Elsa – For fans of the movie Frozen. Just be ready to hear that song a lot more.

Moby / Dick – For that elusive white whale. If you have a whale of a dog, you need a whale of a name.

White Fang – From the Jack London novel, or the movies spawned from the book. Sure, he’s not completely white, but it’s a mighty cool name.

Brian – For fans of Family Guy who have an intelligent dog.

Hector / Mister Peabody – Originally from The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and then his own TV show and movie. This is another great name for a smart white dog.

DarlaPrecious from The Silence of the Lambs also Queenie from The ‘Burbs. Perfect for a Bichon Frise breed of dog.

Snuffles – I mean Snowball! The family dog in Rick and Morty.

Krypto – Name your super dog after Superman’s pet. Perfect for white labs.

Reddy – An old pull from the Ruff and Reddy show.

Ruff – From Dennis the Menace.

Bandit – From the classic cartoon Johnny Quest. Great if your white dog has black coloring around his eyes.

Dogbert – From the Dilbert comic series.

Snowy – From The Adventures of Tintin.

Walter – Inspired by Walter White, for white dogs who have broke bad.

Jack – Named after Jack Frost, with so many stories, songs, movies, and shows you are sure to be able to find an interpretation of Jack Frost that matches your dog’s personality.

Weather and seasons white dog names

White dog jumping in snow

Obliviously winter and snow are going to play a big part in this section!

Snowball – Perfect for a cute ball of floof, or a wildly energetic white dog.

Winter – Because who doesn’t want an excuse to solemnly say “Winter is coming.” when you go to feed the dog.

Frost – A very “cool” name for a white dog. Plus, it really sets you up for frost bite puns.

Frosty – Pretty much the same as the last name but opens up some other fun things like “frosty the snow dog” if he / she likes the snow or when they get a big older and don’t move as fast, they can be “frosty the slow dog”. And for Overwatch Soldier 76 fans you get to say, “stay frosty.”.

Blizzard – For super energetic dogs or fans of the game company.

Crystal – A great name for a sharp dog. You could also spin it as Krystal if you are a fan of the hamburger chain.

Ice – Great name for a white dog but if you are of a certain age you might find yourself adding “baby” when you call your dog more than once. “Ice, ice, baby…”

Sleet – Perfect name for a grayish white dog, or for a very slippery pup.

Cloud – A great name all around for a white dog, or you could use cloud types like Cirrus, Stratus, or Nimbus.

Hail – All “hail” the most amazing pup! Could also go with Hailee if you wanted.

White dog names from mythology

Inspiration for names from the mighty gods and goddesses of different cultures.

Beira – The Queen of Winter, and the mother goddess of Scottish mythology.

Boreas – The North Wind or Devouring One, the Greek god of the north wind and bringer of winter.

Khione – The Greek goddess of snow, daughter to Boreas.

Morozko – From a Russian fairy tale, he is Father Frost or King Frost, and does not tolerate rudeness.

Morana – A Slavic goddess of winter and death, also known as Mara, Mor, Morena, Marzanna.

Skadi – The winter goddess of Norse mythology. Also the goddess of hunters and skiers.

Flower based white dog names

White dog in field of flowers

Loads of white flowers, which means loads of great names for white dogs!

Lupine – It’s the name of flower that can be white as well as an adjective meaning related to wolves. Can there be a more perfect flower-based name for a white dog? Hmmm, maybe dogwood?

Dandelion – Great for poofy white dogs. If you are looking for something different / tougher sounding try Taraxacum. It’s the genus that dandelions belong to.

Calla – From the calla lilly, an elegant white flower. Lily is also a great name for a white dog.

Dahlia – An enigmatic and beautiful flower. And a perfect female white dog name.

Petunia – A cute name fore a small white dog. Or an ironic name for a huge white dog.

Hibiscus – A beautiful flower and a great name for a white dog.

Daisy – An obvious choice for a female dog, especially if she has a bit of yellow to her coat.

Magnolia – An elegant flower name for an elegant dog. Or if you are a fan of the film.

Jasmine – Another great white flower name. Perfect for fans of Disney’s Aladdin.

Camellia – A gorgeous flower for a gorgeous white dog.

Amaryllis – A white flower with an elegant name right out of the past.

Hellebores – A white flower that sounds like a metal band out of Norway. Perfect for your metal head pup.

Yarrow – A flower I’d never heard of that comes in white, with a name that sounds like it’s right out of an Arthurian legend.

Snowdrop – Perfect for the weather section, but it is in fact a flower.

Iris – A flower than can be white and a perfect name if your white dog has striking eyes.

Ranunculus – A flower than can be white and a wonderfully ridiculous name for your dog.

Snapdragon – Perfect for a white dog who likes to nip.

Cotton – Puffy white cotton, puffy white dog, sounds like a perfect match.

Gem / rock white dog names

Perfect for dogs who are real gems or pups that rock.

Diamond – For dogs with expensive tastes.

Opal – For dogs with a colorful personality.

Moonstone – A solid name for a white dog.

Pearl – Not really a gem or a stone but I thought it would be the best place for it.

Magnesite – A rocking name for a tough pup from a white rock.

Quartz – Clearly a good name for a white dog.

Howlite – Yes, it is a real rock. Maybe not the best name for a dog but I felt it had to be included.

Orthoclase – An epic sounding name from a sometimes white mineral.

Chalk – A short and simple name for a white dog. If you wanted something chalk themed that sounds a bit fancier, you could go with Dover, from the White Cliffs of Dover.

Marble – For white marble. A “marblous” name for a white dog.

Alabaster – A great white dog name that sounds like a mix between a butler and an epic hero.

Pebble – Sure not all pebbles are white, but some are. And it makes a great name for a small white dog.

Space white dog names

For white dogs that are out of this world.

White Dwarf – For your small white dog who is a “star” at heart.

Moon – No “moon moon” jokes to be had here!

Nova – A “super” name for dogs with “explosive” energy.

Polaris – The North Star or the Polar Star.

Sirius – The brightest star in the sky and also called the “Dog Star”. Could there be a more perfect space name for a white dog?

Food based white dog names

White dog in the kitchen

For dogs that love to hang out in the kitchen hoping you drop something.

Biscuit – Perfect for white dogs with some brown or yellow in their fur.

Pillsbury / Doughboy – For the white dog that loves to be tickled.

Sugar – A sweet name for a sweet dog.

Vanilla – I suppose it could be a flower name but I thought it more fitting here. Could be shortened to Van or Vani.

Marshmallow – For white dogs that are a bit round.

Noodle – For long skinny white dogs. Pho would also make a great name.

Mushroom – A great name for white dogs who are a little on the chubby side.

Garlic – For dogs with breath to be reckoned with. Also, totally okay if you spell it Garlick.

Coconut – Could work well with a white dog that has brown spots. Colada could work well, as in Pina Colada.

Salty – For a dog that is happiest on a boat riding the ocean waves.

Meringue – Is your white dog sweet and soft? This might be the name for them.

Onion – A quirky name for a quirky white dog. Especially if their breath is a bit funky.

Popcorn – For a white dog that is always trying to “butter you up” for treats.

Mayo – A great white dog name that is sure to “spread”.

Provolone – A wonderfully “cheesy” name for a white dog.

Milky – A smooth name for a white dog.

Alcohol white dog names

You shouldn’t give booze to dogs, but if you like hooch as much as your pooch you might want to name your dog after your favorite drink.

Chardonnay – Kicking it off with white wines, Chardonnay is a mighty fancy name for a mighty fancy pup.

Moscato – If you love sweet wines and have a sweet dog.

Riesling – This German grape rounds out the last of the white wine names.

Gin – People might think you named your dog Jenn but you know, you know.

Moonshine – Perfect name for a white dog who loves the country life.

Eggnog – A fun name for a goofy white dog.

Bailey – After Bailey’s Irish Cream

International white dog names

Perfect names for your globetrotting pup. Don’t forget to check the pronunciation on Google.


Vit – Swedish for white.

Funfun – Yoruba for white.

Alba – Latin for white.

Fari – Hausa for white.


Utara – Malay for north.

Bei – Mandarin for north.

Nord – North in quite a few European languages.

Sever – North in quite a few Slavic languages.


Wolk / Wolke – Dutch / German for cloud.

Wingu – Swahili for cloud.

Panganod – Cebuano for cloud.

Nubo – Esperanto for cloud.


Gyeoul – Korean for winter.

Zima – Bosnian for winter.

Hotoke – Maori for winter.

Mangsa – Javanese for winter.


Lumi – Finnish for snow.

Schnee – German for snow.

Yuki – Japanese for snow.

Nix – Latin for snow.


Halla – Finnish for frost.

Rhew – Welsh for frost.

Fanala – Malagasy for frost.

Shimo – Japanese for frost.


Luna – Italian / Spanish for moon.

Dal – Korean for moon.

Bulan – Moon in several South East Asian languages.

Onwa – Igbo for moon.

You can find all kinds of other international names for your dog at indifferentlanguages.com.

White dog names inspired by everyday items

White Labrador with sheet on head

Why not name your dog after stuff in your house?

Styro – A very unique name, you might have the only dog named after Styrofoam.

Q-Tip – Great for a skinny white dog.

Lace – The perfect name for an elegant white dog who enjoys the finer things in life.

Napkin – A positively silly name for a silly pup.

Elmer – After everyone’s favorite childhood glue.

Wax – Sure not all wax is white, but it’s an oddly satisfying name for a dog.

Bleach – If you are a fan of the cleaning product or a fan of the anime, either way works great for a white dog name.

Candle – For a dog that lights up your life.

Geography inspired white dog names

White dog names from cold places.

Dakota – North or South, still mighty cold.

Montana – Yep, also super cold. Could be you are also a fan of the singer.

Siberia – Very big, very cold.

Alaska – Plenty of snow and ice here.

Canada – Also very big and very cold. Great for fans of Akira, now you too can shout “Kaneda!!!”

Hokkaido – Northern most of Japan’s main island. Famous for snow festivals. You could also go with Sapporo, Hokkaido’s biggest city and a mighty fine beer.

Alta – A very northern city of Norway.

Svalbard – A Norwegian archipelago and an awesome Viking name for a white dog.

Smyley – Not just a big toothy grin, but also an island in Antarctica. Perfect for a happy dog who loves the cold.

Thurston – Continuing the Antarctica love, another Antarctic island.

Fin – From Finland or from the new Star Wars trilogy.

Miscellaneous white dog names

Names that didn’t really fit into the other categories.

Dove – For a white dog who loves to fly. If you were looking for other white bird names, you could go with Swan or Egret.

Bubbles – Sure bubbles aren’t technically white, but when you think of a lot of soap bubbles you think of white. Perfect for a dog with a “bubbly” personality.

Ivory – Poaching is bad, but this name is good.

Blank – I tried to think of something clever for this one, but “nothing” came to mind.

Castle – You know when you just want some comfort, you can’t go wrong with White Castle. For white dogs who are sliders.

Tighty Whitey – A fun name for owners who are tight with their dogs.

Angel – An angelic name for your heavenly pupper.

Igloo – Your dog may look cold on the outside, but inside it has a warm heart.

Mr. White – Because your white dog is the boss.

Eggbert – A talking egg Christmas tradition or just because eggs can be white and you wanted an egg name.

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