Can Rabbits Eat Bananas?

Can rabbits eat bananas

The Short Answer: Yes, rabbits can eat bananas, but they should be limited to 1-2 tablespoons for every five pounds of body weight. Instead, rabbits should mostly eat hay, and their diet should be supplemented with pellets and vegetables. Fruits should be considered treats and given in moderation of their full diet. For more about …

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What Do Kangaroos Eat?

What do kangaroos eat?

The Short Answer: Kangaroos predominantly eat grasses, leaves of shrubs and bushes, mosses, flowers, and ferns. What Are Kangaroos? Kangaroos are marsupials that are part of the family Macropodidae. There are four living species of kangaroo: the Red Kangaroo, the Antilopine Kangaroo, the Eastern Gray Kangaroo, and the Western Gray Kangaroo. Tree-kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos, quokkas, …

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What Do Bears Eat?

What do bears eat?

The Short Answer: It depends on the type of bear. Polar bears are mostly carnivores and eat only meat, while panda bears are herbivores and eat only plants. Other bears are omnivores and eat grasses, vegetation, berries, seeds, insects, honey, fish, deer, elk, moose, bison, carrion, and human food/garbage. What Are Bears? Bears are mammals …

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What Do Tadpoles Eat?

What do tadpoles eat?

The Short Answer: Tadpoles eat algae and aquatic plant leaves and stems when they are young, then add more and more protein like insects, insect larvae, and small fish as they mature. What Are Tadpoles? Tadpole is the catch-all term for a larval or immature amphibian. This means that a tadpole can grow up to …

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What Do Crows Eat?

What do crows eat?

The Short Answer: Crows will eat almost any animal that is small enough for them to catch and eat as well as fruits, seeds, nuts, and carrion. For more information on crows and what the eat, read on. What Are Crows? Crows are birds that are members of the family Corvidae, and more specifically the …

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What Do Grasshoppers Eat?

What do grasshoppers eat?

The Short Answer: Grasshoppers are predominantly plant eaters, including important agricultural crops. If they do not have other options available, grasshoppers will also eat decaying animal matter. For more information about grasshoppers and what grasshoppers eat, read on. What Are Grasshoppers? Grasshoppers are insects that are members of the order Orthoptera. This order also includes …

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